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Open Directory - Human Edited Web Directory

Stock Exchange - Sensex

All (INDIA) Government Web Links

yahoo login

yahoo messenger in browser (without installing)



Dictionary of Sentence Usage



Google Image Search

Online FTP uploader

Cricket - Current Match Statistics

Cricket - ICC Rankings - Test & ODI

Live Sports Score

SMS collection

Economic Crisis - video

Gardening Ideas

Indian festival calendar (Covering regional festivals also)

Malayalam Calendar

To find your NAKSHTARA

Birthday Reminders

Quotes Library - Searchable

Build Family Tree

Dream Dictionary Symbols

List of Indian Languages (wiki-encarta)

Indian English

Bharat matrimony

Pixdaus - Pics

System - what is running

To know your IP Address

To know Domain registration information

Hindu customs and rituals (Kerala)

Winners of Website of the Year

html Quick Reference Guide

Kerala Telecom Directory Enquiry Service

State Bank - Branchwise Information

Jobs - Koshy Consultants, New Delhi

Mobile Applications / Games

Absolutely Everything for Phone

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Choosing Your Baby's Sex FAQ (lol) - Click to feed a kid

Gandhiji's socio-political agenda

The Hindu : Property Plus Kochi : Where to locate the kitchen

The Hindu : Property Plus Kochi / Vastu Vibes : The spiritual powerhouse

To search gmail by size (take care by changing password before and after using it)

To find out if your messenger buddie is really offline or invisible!

To find out your Vehicle registration details (Kerala Vehicle Dept)


Softwares, Books, Music, Videos

youtube Downloader

Utilities online

Alarm Clock

Photofunia - Generate Your Own Wallpapers from templates

Power Calculator-KSEB

Currency Converter Online

Interest Calculator (Compound Interest) Online

Online File Conversion

PDF Editor Online

Free Online Translation

Google Translate

Dictionary of words and usage

Online Malayalam to English Dictionary

Online Manglish to Malayalam Dictionary

English-Malayalam Dictionary

Google Transliteration (to Malayalam & other languages)

Hindi - English Dictionary

Generate Anagrams

Scrabble Solver

Crossword Solver

Scrabble / Crossword Solver

Scrabble / Crossword Solver

Community Sites



Engineering Data 

Electrical Engineering

Unit Conversion online

Online Engineering/Maths/Science Calculators and Formulae

Area Conversion Calculator (Indian)

RGB code of known colours

Construction Dictionary

Negative Exponents (Maths)

How Everything Works

Understanding Algebra

Voltage drop calculator

Electricity Running Cost Calculator

Domestic Electric Consumption

Sheet Metal Gauge Conversions

Wire Gauge reference table

HVAC Basics

Engineering Video Lectures by NPTel

Tips - Energy

Engineering in Healthcare


Download Books - Pre-formatted e-Books - Online Malayalam Book Store


English mp3 songs

Hindi mp3 songs
Mukesh Collection 
Kishore Kumar

Tamil mp3 songs

mp3 Ghazals

Malayalam mp3 songs

Malayalam songs and poems

For most indian language songs

Lyrics - Hindi

English Song Lyrics

Movie Database

Malayalam net radio 

Download videos from Youtube

Download Videos from Youtube, Google, iFilm, Putfile ... -

Convert youtube videos to mp3

Audio/HTML/Image/pdf converters + - Download Online Video (Google Video, YouTube etc) in a Flash!

Download Movies

Hindi and regional Movies

Hindi Soaps and Movies

YouTube - Video Clips and Songs

Complete index to World Film since 1895

Satellite TV Guide

Satellite TV - Indian free Channels on various Satellites:

Virtual Tours - Over 100 Panoramic 3D views

Free Online Television::

Songs Used in movies

Translation of Hindi Movie Songs Lyrics

User Submited Games, Movies, Art, Audio

Movie Timings in Cochin


Al-Jazeera News

The Times of India: No 1 site for Breaking news, views, reviews, cricket, business, lifestyle, sports

Manorama News

Mathrubhumi News

Deepika news

Mathrubhumi Newsticker (158 kb)

Recipe Sites

Joy of Baking
Pakistani Cookery Show
Indian Foods
Bengali Recipes - recipe videos and more
Show me the Curry - recipes

Calories in Indian Food

Calorie Value

Online file storage

Religious Sites

Addhyaathma Raamaayanam - ebook (Malayalam)

Bhagavad Gita Saar

Gita Audio

Bhagavad Gita in Pictures

Hindu Mythology Articles, Facts @ Indian

Stotra/Mantra Audio

Sacred Scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism

Devi Bhagavatam (Devi Puranam)


Vishnu Sahasra Namam

Sanskrit Books' Translations by Ramachander


Sri Narayani Peedam's Official Website


Stephen Knapp and his books on Spiritual Enlightenment and Vedic Culture

Mudras for Healing


If you have nothing to do then, kill some flies

Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Mobile Sites 

Indian Stock Exchange - Sensex
Sensex graph
Sensex ticker

Encyclopedia on mobile

Dictionary on mobile

To access gmail from mobile

Google search on mobile

Google Maps on mobile

Google News on mobile

"Guardian" on mobile

Picasa Photo Search on mobile

Currency Conversion on mobile
1. US Dollar to Indian Rupees on mobile

2. Saudi Riyal to Indian Rupees on mobile

3. 10,000 Indian Rupees to Saudi Riyals (money transfer) on mobile

Cricket on mobile

Cricket Live Scores on mobile

BBC News on mobile

BBC News Application (download)

Da Vinci Code - Official site

Sunil's story

Community Sites - on mobile

MySpace on mobile

Peperonity on mobile - new user

Mobilised - new user

WAYN on mobile - new user

Twitter on mobile

Facebook on mobile

Friendster on mobile

mxit (download application)

Prodigits - new user - new user

Mig33 - new user

Sunil's Personal links (web)

Sunil's College

Mace94 info-being updated

Sunil's Page in Macemates


Reverse Conversion - RECURSION AND HUMAN THOUGHT By Daniel L. Everett

Kuato Project - Profile

Internet Setup DSL

Picasa Web Albums - sunil

Sunil's Homepage - Zorpia - Share Photos, Make Friends


Sunil's WAYN on web

michael Jerom's link

Download Some Mobile Applications - Directly to Mobile